Currently Loving: May 27, 2016

Here’s my round-up of things that i’m loving this week!

New Sandals // I have always been a Jack Rogers girl when it came to sandals- by the way they’re on sale this weekend! But lately I decided that I wanted to switch things up. I ordered a couple pairs of Steve Madden sandals online, and I absolutely love them! They’re both strappy, brown, sandals, but they both have slightly different looks to them. They’re super comfortable and perfect for the warm weather we’ve been having! Shop my favorite Jack Rogers picks, as well as Steve Madden, below! I’ve highlighted some of my favorite Jack Rogers Styles, but click here for my ultimate favorite!

Victoria’s Secret Swim Sale // If you haven’t heard the latest news, VS is going to discontinue their swim line as well as their clothing line, basically everything except bras, panties, and lingerie. I have always loved VS, especially the swimwear line so when I heard this, I immediately went to online shop. I truly wish that I could buy one of everything in every color (dream big!) but unfortunately I couldn’t. I did pick up a two bikinis at just $45, so you should definitely shop the sale! 

The Bachelorette // I never jumped on The Bachelor bandwagon, but for some reason this week I decided that I wanted to tune in. I had heard so much about JoJo and her heartbreak on the last season of The Bachelor that I felt I had to watch her finally find love. I am definitely one who gets emotionally invested in TV shows and feels personally victimized when something bad happens to my favorite character; I also get way too into reality TV… I’m not proud of this, but it happens.

So, I basically am already obsessed with this season of The Bachelorette. I will be tuning in every week and live tweeting the episode much like I did last week. All while I am rooting for JoJo to find her Prince Charming.

Happy Friday, and Cheers to the long weekend!

Emily Riane




My First Rocksbox!

If you’ve seen my Instagram lately, then you’ve seen that I got my first Rocksbox last week! I had kept seeing bloggers on social media platforms sharing their gorgeous Rocksbox pieces, and I desperately wanted to start getting my own.

Rocksbox is a concierge jewelry service that has brands like Kendra Scott, Loren Hope, House of Harlow 1960, and more! You create a wishlist and your personal stylist will hand pick three pieces at a time and send them your way. You can then buy the jewelry at a discounted price, or send it back in exchange for three more pieces.

My first Rocksbox included a pair of Loren Hope earrings, a Slate necklace, and a Jill Michael necklace. I absolutely loved the Jill Michael gold bar necklace as I’ve been on the hunt for one! The Slate necklace is also super fun, and I loved styling it in yesterday’s OOTD.

If you want to test out Rocksbox, you can get a month free! Just use the code ’emrianexoxo’ at checkout, and your first month is free! One month does not equal just one box- you can exchange as much as you want during the month.


Here is how I styled the Slate chevron necklace!

Here is how I styled the Slate chevron necklace!

IMG_7490 (1)IMG_7492

Don’t forget, use the code ’emrianexoxo’ at checkout, and your first month is free!

Emily Riane

Currently Loving: May 20, 2016

I realize I haven’t written a blog post in ~over~ a week now, and I’m not entirely sure why. So much has happened since my last blog post about the Juice Press event. The following night I went to a Boston Red Sox game with Jack, I went on a couple picture perfect walks in this beautiful Spring weather, did a lot of online shopping, and went to a launch party in my town for a new small business. My life both personally and professionally is definitely all positive right now, and I am absolutely loving it.

I think every week or two I want to incorporate a Currently Loving post so that I can do a round up of things in my life that I want to share with y’all, so here is my first one!

Baseball // Surprise! I like sports now…? I am the least sporty person in the world. Jack once mentioned that he couldn’t imagine me playing tennis because I am uncoordinated- I was on my high school team. I guess this is what happens when your boyfriend is a fanatic about every single sport from golf to football to baseball… we watch it all. It’s hard not to enjoy something when you’re watching it at least once a week. I loved going to the game with Jack last week, it was my first Red Sox game since I was really young so it was a great experience. I still ask a lot of silly questions so that I can try to understand what’s happening but it’s definitely a process! p.s. Our seats were amazing!

Red Sox

Jack didn’t fill me in on the funny face memo!


The view from our seats!

J.Crew Factory // J. Crew Factory is having amazing sales lately. I didn’t even hesitate on buying a bunch of new clothes from there this past week. I ordered three skirts, and one new dress that you can shop below. They’re all super comfortable and perfect for both work and weekend wear, which makes them even better! Unfortunately, the black and pink skirts I purchased are sold out online, but the olive color is still available as well as a red and a blue! Trust me, I wanted every single color and choosing three was hard.factory 2  factory1

Marblehead // As many of you know, I live in Marblehead which is a small seaside town in New England. Growing up I never really thought my town was anything special. I knew it was a tourist destination, I knew it was rich with history, and I knew it was absolutely gorgeous. But I definitely always thought I would leave and move on once I graduated college. However, I have done the exact opposite of this and don’t see myself leaving any time soon. Jack recently started his own business, and I’m a community manager at the local coworking space. We both have been networking like crazy lately, both working in town, and both of our families are here. Now that I’m truly becoming an adult I think I have realized ho amazing my little town truly is.

image1 (9)

This is a bit of a short Currently Loving list, but it’s just because I have a lot of exciting things happening behind the scenes right now, that I will be announcing soon!

Cheers to the weekend!

Emily Riane


Juice Press VIP Grand Opening

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a VIP grand opening of Juice Press at The Street in Chestnut Hill. Juice Press is a New York based company, which is now expanding to Boston, and I couldn’t be happier! The two current locations are this one is Chestnut Hill as well as one that will be opening soon in Back Bay. This event was very special because the founder of the company, Marcus Antebi was at the event last night and he told us all about his story, all about Juice Press, and he welcomed us with open arms to try all of his wonderful products. I tried many juice samples, coffee, salad, snacks, desserts… everything. He told us that his team is currently testing out chocolate covered everything, so of course I sampled some chocolate covered mango, banana, and strawberries! All of the food and drink at Juice Press is certified organic so although I indulged and tasted almost everything, I don’t feel all too guilty about it.

A highlight of the night was definitely making my own Acai Bowl. I had never had one before and always wanted one, so it was fun to make my own! They even set up a little photo station so that all of us bloggers could take the perfect snaps of our masterpieces.

Juice Press

Juice Press Marcus Antebi

Juice Press founder Marcus Antebi

Juice Press

My goodies from the end of the night! I definitely ate some of my cookies on the ride home, haha!

Juice Press Juice Press Juice Press Juice Press

Juice Press

It’s always fun to try new things, and get together with fellow Boston Bloggers. Thank you Juice Press for a wonderful evening!

Emily Riane


My Skin and Hair Must Haves

As humans we put our bodies and minds through a lot. Whether it’s just day to day life or pushing yourself to go the extra mile, your body works hard. Sometimes I find that my daily shower and hand washing cause my skin and hair to lack moisture, weather can damage my hair, and stress can cause me to break out- it happens. I definitely try to prevent a lot of this from happening as much as I can. Here’s a round up of my must have products that I use to keep my body feeling refreshed.

Daddy-O Shampoo // At first I was a little hesitant to use this shampoo because it’s purple. That was before learning that purple/violet toned shampoo is exactly what people with light/blonde/gray hair need to keep their locks looking their best. The smell of this is very calming, and it leaves my hair feeling clean, bright, shiny, and healthy! Also, it’s from LUSH so it’s great for your hair!

OGX Penetrating Oil // When I get out of the shower, I always put this in my hair. It doesn’t leave my hair oily even though it’s an oil. Since using it my hair has been a lot healthier, has suffered from less damage, and has actually grown faster due to the lack of damage. This is definitely one of my favorite hair products!

Tresemme Thermal Creations // I have been using this since high school when it was almost expected that your hair was flat ironed every morning. At first I didn’t use it and I just took a 400 degree straightener to my hair causing so much damage. Once I started using this my hair thanked me, so I never stopped! Just a couple spritzes before you blow dry/style and hair is much healthier.

Burt’s Bees // I am obsessed with Burt’s Bees, but really only the kind with the mint in it. I like the way that I can feel it working on my lips and the mint is super refreshing. I keep tubes of this all around my house and in most of my bags just in case I need it. I never leave the house without it!

Sephora Night Masks // A friend of mine works at Sephora and recommended these to me. After your normal nightly skin care routine, you put a little bit all over your face and it works overnight- you just wash your face normally in the morning. I have been using the Green Tea one a lot, but I also have the Pearl!

St. Ives Body Lotion // I will always love St. Ives. I wrote a post about it when I got a bunch of products from Influenster. I have used St. Ives for years and I will continue to do for years to come! This is pretty much the only lotion that leaves my skin feeling rejuvenated, not oily, and feeling generally healthier.

Jergen’s Natural Glow // I love being tan, but I can’t stand to keep damaging my skin with tanning beds. I always used to tan and as nice as it was, my skin definitely was not appreciating it. This lotion not only makes you gradually tan and glowing, but it also moisturizes so you don’t have that dry feeling you would get if you simply laid in a tanning bed for a long time. I recently used this before my trip to Virginia and although I was still a little pale, I was definitely tanner than normal. It does take more than two days of use before you’re tan, and I clearly didn’t give myself enough time to get tan before going on vacation.

EOS Hand Lotion // My hands tend to get dry due to weather and washing throughout the day. I always carry an EOS lotion in my purse to try and prevent the dryness. The package is sleek, the smell is gentle, and the lotion doesn’t leave my hands feeling greasy. I definitely think this is a great lotion to carry around daily!

What are your must-have products?

Emily Riane

My Bittersweet Year

It’s official, I graduated college exactly one year ago. It doesn’t feel like it’s been a whole year most likely because I am still in denial that I ever graduated. In my opinion, graduation was the most bittersweet experience of my life. To say that I was an emotional mess during Senior Week is an understatement, I simply did not want to graduate because I never thought I would be able to make it in the real world. Roanoke College to me was my home and my little bubble that I was not ready to break out of.

Though I am definitely still in denial that my undergrad career is over, I have learned a lot over the past year of my life. I think the most important thing I learned is to accept that the future is unknown. I’m the type of person to always have a plan and stick with it, and for the longest time I had a problem accepting change. Over the course of the past year I started with not knowing what I was doing with my life, then I got a couple jobs, started a blog, and became a published writer. Everything started to fall into place in ways I never could have planned. Looking back to my final days at Roanoke I never thought I would accomplish any of what I have accomplished during the past year.

I’ve also realized how much I have grown in the past five years of my life. It’s crazy to look back and think of who I was at 17 years old heading off to college, and now at 22, I’m a completely different person. During my time in college, my closest friends and professors influenced me, collectively teaching me lessons and molding the person I have become. Throughout the past year of my life I have held on to those traits and lessons, implementing them in my every day life.

Over the past year I have moved on from past friendships, strengthened the ones that matter, and created new ones. Not everyone is meant to stay in your life forever, which is a scary thought, but you can’t grow as a person if you’re being held down by the past. I also met the love of my life (less than two months after graduating) which was another thing I never thought would be in my near future when I was leaving Roanoke.

Coming home to your hometown can be a sort of culture shock after you graduate college. Everything is the same, except for yourself. In college I learned new things, became my own person, discovered who I am, and matured as a person; but that doesn’t mean everyone else grew with me.

I was wrong to think that I wouldn’t be able to make it in the real world, because I think I’m doing pretty well for a 22 year old.

My graduation day was by far one of the greatest days of my life. I am so proud to say that I graduated from Roanoke College, and I am so happy to have shared my experience with such amazing people.

IMG_6658 IMG_6660 IMG_6661
IMG_6663 IMG_6665IMG_6662

Though my year was lacking fraternity parties, wing nights, sisterhood retreats, cocktails, and most importantly, classrooms, I think I’ve had a pretty great first year in the real world. To all my friends who are graduating this weekend, congratulations! If I can survive the real world, so can you.

Emily Riane

Leaf Boutique Private Shopping Event

This past week I had the pleasure of attending a private shopping event at Leaf Boutique in Brookline, hosted by Valerie of The Sweet Seed. This event was for Boston bloggers to have a bit of fun together, filled with shopping, wine, and new friendships. Since I am a new blogger, I haven’t been to any real blogging events but I am so happy I finally experienced one- I hope to attend many more in the future!

Leaf Boutique has now become one of my favorite shops. I told the owner, Leaf, that I am so glad I don’t live in Brookline because I would be there all the time buying everything. The clothes are all on trend and unique. The jewelry is a mix of modern and vintage, so there is definitely something for everyone!

My favorite part of the night was that I got to meet and hang out with other bloggers! I live North of Boston so going into the city is always a treat for me. Some of the girls there I already “knew” as in I follow them on Instagram and love reading their blogs- which is normal in our little world! I loved meeting them in person, as well as talking about blogging with people who are as passionate about it as I am.

The cutest sign in table! With snacks and wine, of course!

The cutest sign in table! With snacks and wine, of course!


I absolutely love the new addition to my stack!


Always love adding new jewelry to my collection!


Obsessed with this Boston sign


The cutest jewelry selection!


Thank you so much to Leaf and her team for inviting me to such a wonderful event!

Emily Riane

Getting Published

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, then you probably saw that within the past week I have become a published writer! I have taken on two new writing roles, along with my blog, and my real jobs. I am now a contributing writer for Elite Daily, as well as a contributing writer for a new site, Existgreat.

I have always been interested in writing which is part of the reasons why I started a blog. Though, I never thought I would be a freelance writer who writes for one of the best Millennial news sites (Elite Daily).

Elite Daily Article

My first article for Elite Daily is called Why a Sagittarius Should Date a Taurus, Even If It Isn’t Written In The Stars. I wrote this article because obviously I am a Sagittarius, and my boyfriend is a Taurus which is considered to be highly incompatible, but I think we’re perfect for one another; though I think I’m a little biased.

As a contributing writer for Elite Daily, I will be writing mostly about lifestyle and relationships. If you want to keep up with my writing you can follow me, here!

Existgreat is a new online news source that I have been writing for for a month or so. The website just launched mid-April and it’s already pretty successful! My first article was about dating, and it’s called 5 Alternatives to Netflix and Chill. If you want to keep up with my writing on Existgreat, check out my profile hereexistgreat

I am beyond excited that I have gotten the opportunity get my writing published and I am looking forward to where this journey takes me. I hope you’ll follow along, too!

Emily Riane

A Lesson in Style Blogging

My sense of style is typically very simple. If I could I would pair leggings with over sized t-shirts every day of my life just for comfort purposes. Obviously, I cannot do that because that’s one of the most unprofessional and lazy ensembles anyone could wear….

Since starting my blog and working in the real world, I have developed a better sense of personal style which I tend to show off on my Instagram. I recently decided that I want to start photographing my outfits and try out style blogging. It is definitely not an easy thing to do! I am lucky that my boyfriend, Jack, is willing to be my photographer; here are a couple snapshots from my first attempts. Hopefully there will be more to come!


Bailey likes to be the center of attention…always!



As you can tell from these two outfits, I wasn’t lying- I am very simple though I hope to branch out and post more style posts as my style evolves! In the top outfit I’m wearing white skinny jeans, a pop over blouse from LOFT, Lucky Brand booties, and a monogrammed bag from Marley Lilly. In the bottom outfit I am wearing H&M super skinny jeans, an H&M basic top, an over sized sweater from Target, and white converse.

Emily Riane


Roanoke Alumni Weekend

Last May, I graduated from Roanoke College and have been navigating post-grad life ever since. Every April, Roanoke has their Alumni Weekend which is a highly anticipated event for not only alumni, but also for the current students. Alumni come back and visit with their friends, professors, teammates, and walk the campus where they once lived their glory days. My previous alumni weekend experiences were a little different than this one. In past years I was an under grad who is partaking in festivities, excited that my friends were visiting; now the tables have turned and I was the one visiting. My weekend was full of great friends, lots of food, and seeing a lot of people that I have missed having nearby within the past year. Trying to fit all of my weekend into a blog post is a crazy thought, but here are some summarized highlights!

My weekend kicked off with some close friends and I having dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Beamers 25, which I wrote about in my blog post about Roanoke back in October. I will never get sick of eating the Frank’s Fries, or really any of their food if I’m being honest. It’s all just so delicious!Roanoke City Center in the Square

On Friday, one of my best friends Audra arrived and she, myself, and our friend Stephanie went to downtown Roanoke to walk around. I discovered that you could go atop the roof at Center In The Square and see pretty much all of Roanoke; It was absolutely beautiful and I don’t know how I never knew about it! We then stopped into Billy’s for a drink; one that I had always heard my friends talk about loving, but I had never tried it until Friday. It’s now definitely a favorite drink of mine!

Billy's Roanoke Pear Drink

Friday night and all of Saturday were filled with seeing sisters, friends, taking lots of pictures, and trying to pretend that graduation never happened. Weekends like this remind me what I loved about college and make me wish that I didn’t have to go back to reality once the weekend came to an end. My sisters and I attended a couple sorority events where alumna and current sisters got to catch up. I also went to a couple fraternity houses with my friends Caroline, Nicole, and Cait to see friends there, too. Though the weekend was busy, we also had time to visit nearly all of our favorite local bars/restaurants. Trying to fit everything into such a short time span isn’t ideal but we definitely tried our hardest and we ended up all having such a great time!

Roanoke College Alumni Weekend Alpha Sigma Alpha

The reason alumni weekend is so highly anticipated is because it’s a weekend where all of our college friends are in one place. I made my best friends in college and moving back home post-grad was kind of a scary thought. After graduating college people inevitably go in different directions, move all over, and have varying schedules. It’s definitely harder to see friends as often once this happens, but having a weekend like Alumni Weekend brings everyone together. I am probably not alone when I say that I wish Alumni Weekend were every weekend… But for now I will just have to hold on to the memories and patiently wait for next April!

Emily Riane