Forbes Under 30 Summit

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on October 21, 2016

This past week, Jack and I attended the Forbes Under 30 Summit in Boston. I had always wanted to attend a summit or a conference, in fact, it was on my 1001 in 101 list. When I discovered that the Forbes summit was going to be held in Boston this year, I immediately wanted to go. I am beyond happy that I was able to attend! Jack and I both met some incredible people and attended really inspiring panels.

At the Summit there are different stages to choose from and we chose Create. The Create Stage was geared toward creatives- marketing, media, music, sports. When Zack O’Malley Greenburg introduced our stage he told us that we were at the coolest stage at the summit; he definitely wasn’t wrong!

Our speakers/panelists included: Jessica Alba, Halsey, Jason Derulo, Danielle Wiesburg & Carly Zakin (theSkimm), Okierete Onaodowan, Christen Lien, Bart Baker, The Fine Brothers, John Shahidi, Michael Phelps, Aly Raisman, Juanpa Zurita, Logan Paul, Maria Sharapova, Chris Coombs, Bobby Flay, Ooshma Garg, Nicholas Jammet, and Sam Tarantino.

All of those amazing people over the span of two days is a lot of talent on one stage.

Though many of those speakers are celebrity’s turned entrepreneurs, one in particular stood out to me. Sam Tarantino, a co-founder of Grooveshark gave a speech on Tuesday. His speech was about his journey, and about fear and how it’s holding us back from following our dreams.

Two things he said in particular stuck with me:

I realized that fear was a mirage. It disappears as you get closer.

-Sam Tarantino

Remember that that’s life. Suffering and achievement are intertwined.

-Sam Tarantino

If you want to read more about his story or watch part of the speech you can check it out, here. 

I truly enjoyed all of the speakers, panels, and the short film festival so be on the lookout for another post about highlights from other panelists!

In addition to attending these panels, there was also our Under 30 Village which was a hub of opportunities, networking, music, food, beer, and fun. One of my favorite things to do at the village was the Ocean Spray cranberry bog. Ocean Spray literally set up a cranberry bog in the middle of Boston City Hall Plaza and we were allowed to go in it! By far one of the most fun things I have ever done!

Full disclosure some of these are from Snapchat.


Sam Tarantino

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The Apple of My Eye

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on October 12, 2016

Apple picking is the quintessential autumn activity. Apple orchards and pumpkin patches are the places to be in September and October. This past weekend, I went apple picking at Brooksby Farm with Jack. Of course we got way more apples than we could ever need, just like we did last year, but it gives me an excuse to bake. Last year we did this same thing, and you can read my post about it, here! 

We actually made less than we did last year, but we used the same recipes because we loved how it turned out last year. We still have about 50 apples left, so we may actually bake some more- at least I want to!

This year we made an apple pie and a caramel apple crisp. We used this recipe to make our apple crisp, and we used the filling from it for the pie as well.

Our baking got a little messy, but I promise, it tasted delicious! If you’re looking for more recipes to enjoy this fall, check out my Pinterest page!


the apple of my eye

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My Top 8 Halloween Movies For October

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on October 4, 2016

I will never stop talking about my love for Fall or for Halloween. I guess that’s what happens when you grow up in New England, one town over from Salem. It is crazy here this time of year but crazy in a good way. I’ve always loved watching Halloween movies, especially the Disney Channel ones. I’m sure I could come up with a very long list of my favorite movies that I want to watch and share with you all. But, here is a list of my top 8 Halloween movies for the October! I know it’s the beginning of the month, but in my mind the whole month of October is reason enough to watch a Halloween movie.

My Top 8 Halloween Movies For October

Old Burial Hill is in Marblehead, and it’s the cemetery from Hocus Pocus!

Hocus Pocus | Everyone loves Hocus Pocus! This one will forever hold a special place in my Halloween filled heart not only because this movie is amazing but also because it was filmed in Salem and Marblehead. It’s so fun to walk past the places where the movie was filmed!

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My Favorite Bloggers & Some Life Advice

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on September 30, 2016

I cannot believe September is over! With the end of September brings the end of the Blogtember challenge, so this is my final blogtember post. I had a very long day yesterday so I will be sharing yesterday and today’s prompts together…My favorite bloggers and some life advice!


Five of my favorite bloggers | This was really tough, because I did already share some of my favorite Instagram accounts, and those are also some of my favorite bloggers. Here are 5 bloggers that I love!

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My Life in 5 Photos

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on September 28, 2016

Something about me is that I take a lot of pictures. Whether it be a quick Snapchat, or a mini photo shoot wherever I go, I love taking pictures. Choosing only 5 pictures that represent a whole year of my life isn’t an easy task. The Blogtember Challenge is wrapping up soon, so this will be one of the last posts.

The pictures below represent little parts of my life that hold a whole lot of meaning. But really, only choosing 5 pictures to represent the last year of my life? Harder than you may think!

For a little over a year, I have been dating Jack, and to avoid getting to mushy, I’ll keep it simple… I love him and I’m beyond happy to have him in my life!
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Fashion, Food, Fun

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on September 27, 2016

Fall/Autumn is seriously the best, as you can tell by my last post and a post I wrote about a year ago. This time of the year makes me extremely happy. Plus it’s leading up to the holiday season which is also a favorite part of the year! In this post, I’m writing about Fall fashion, food, and fun… Enjoy!

Favorite Fall Recipe | In the blogtember challenge, the prompt was to share a family recipe. While we do have a couple, I don’t actually know them. So, I will post some links to my pinterest boards! For Autumn recipes click here, and for general yummy recipes click here! 

Outfit Inspiration from Another Blogger | When I highlighted who my favorite Instagram accounts were, I mentioned Kendall Kremer of Styled Snapshots. She recently posted an outfit that was absolutely perfect for Fall, and as much as i’d love to recreate it, I don’t have every piece of her outfit! Here is her outfit, and you can shop a similar look below!

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It’s Finally Autumn!

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on September 22, 2016

Happy Autumn! Although I am a little sad that summer has come to an end, I am more excited that it’s finally Autumn. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know how much I enjoy this time of year. The fashion, food, holiday’s, weather, and activities are the absolute best. Since there’s so much that I love about the season, I’ll break it down in a couple favorites blurbs.

Fashion | Fall fashion is perfect! All I need is jeans, boots, and over sized sweaters. It’s Sweater Weather: need I say more?

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Something I Wish More People Believed

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on September 21, 2016

This prompt from the Blogtember Challenge is something I wish more people knew or believed. What a loaded prompt! I feel like a post like this could go in so many directions and that’s awesome. I can’t wait to see what everyone else says for this post.

blogtember believe

I think one thing I wish more people, especially people my age knew, is that nothing happens over night. This sounds like common sense, yet some people, myself included, have little patience for events to play out naturally. We’re all hoping to become rich, successful, and perfect over night.

There’s a quote that I love taken from 11:12 by Chad Sugg (Backseat Goodbye) and it goes, “You’re as human as me. I’m as flawless as you. Perfect is a word made up by a fool.” Read More

My Favorite Posts That I’ve Written

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on September 19, 2016

Finally getting back into the swing of things of the Blogtember Challenge. Today’s prompt is a list of my favorite blog posts that I’ve written. I think my favorite posts are the ones that come from the heart. Not my product reviews or collaborations, but the posts that show the real reason why I started blogging in the first place. So, here it goes!

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What Happened to my Blogtember Challenge?

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on September 18, 2016

So, what happened to my Blogtember Challenge? I know, I know, the whole point of the Blogtember Challenge is to write one post every day. I’ve been so bad about it, even though I was really excited to partake this year. September has been an interesting month for me, so I haven’t been as back into my blog as I originally said I would be. This means I am doing another catch-up of the past weeks blogtember challenge prompts!

September 12th // Three Books! blogtember challenge aliza licht leave your mark

Just Read: Leave Your Mark / Aliza Licht... I continuously read this book right now, mostly because I’m in such a state of transition, I need the daily inspo!
Currently Reading: The Gifts of Imperfection / Brené Brown… I’m only a couple chapters in but I already love this book!
Want to Read: How to be Parisian Wherever You Are… I’ve heard a lot of great things about this book, so it’s definitely on my list! Read More