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on August 5, 2015

Update: Since publishing I no longer use Beme, though I did enjoy it while I had it!

Recently, a new app called beme was released by creator Casey Neistat. Chances are you don’t have beme right now and let me just say that you aren’t the only one. It is currently an invite only app, where users generate individual codes and send them out to their friends or if you’re feeling risky, post it openly on social media accounts and let people get the code first come first serve. Luckily for me, I woke up with a text from one of my friends saying “Get beme! It’s so cool if you want to be invited I’ll send you a code!” If you’re anything like me, you NEED to newest apps. So here is a breakdown of my newest obsession, beme.

This is what beme looks like when you open the app.
This is what beme looks like when you open the app. I crossed out usernames to keep users privacy.

Beme, in my opinion, a more realistic version of the ever popular app Snapchat solely for the un-edited content users share on it. On Snapchat, you can add filters, geotags, selfie mode, text, etc. Whereas on beme, you quite literally let people see the world through your eyes for 4 seconds or more (depending on how frequently you cover your sensor) and get to ‘be you’.

How To Use beme //Β Beme is allowing people to see your world essentially through your eyes, so all you have to do is hold up your phone while covering the sensor. Some people hold it towards their chest, while others (like me) just hold it up and make sure to cover the sensor facing me. Then you post your beme and other users can post a “reaction” by double tapping on your video while they’re watching it.

Following other users on beme //Β One cool thing about beme is that you can see peoples lives without having to follow them. The app shows you the posts from “Friend of a Friend”- so, someone one of your friends follows; “Interesting Stranger”- someone beme finds interesting and wants you to check out; “far-away stranger”- a random person not anywhere near you; and lastly they give you the option of “nearby stranger”- which is someone close to you that you haven’t added as a friend. You then have the option to follow them, or just move on to the next person.

Here you can see what type of users beme puts in your feed. They're from all over the place!
Here you can see what type of users beme puts in your feed. They’re from all over the place!

But, what if you have Questions?

Beme is a new app, and has been updated a few times since I’ve had it which has been only a week or so. As with any new app, there are always bugs. The app creators are very quick to fix it! If you’re like me, you probably have a questions. You can look to Twitter and converse with other users, or you can tweet directly at the creator Casey Neistat. He is really great, and responds to as many questions as possible, like mine!


Beme is a super cool, fun app that connects people from around the world. It’s really interesting to see what other people are doing without them hiding behind a filter. Hopefully I have convinced you all to download beme and check out all the hype.

If you have any questions you can comment below or tweet me!

Emily Riane

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