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on February 25, 2016

During these cold winter months, you can find me day dreaming about warm vacations, tropical islands, and relaxing in the sun. Luckily for me, and all of my other warm weather wishers, there are so many great vacation spots around the world that can give me the sun filled vacation I am dreaming of. In my opinion I think that vacations should be an escape from reality; it should be somewhere that you can let go of your worries and relax. Through the many travel sites, travel blogs, and vacation agencies you can find a great destination that fulfills your dream vacation desires.

I love travelling so much I wish I could abandon my responsibilities and experience the world. I’m sort of kidding but in an ideal world maybe this would be possible for me. I think that road trips are a crucial part to travelling. Whether it be the trip to a destination, or making the destination be the road and stopping along the way. The people and the sights that you see on the journey are sometimes some of the greatest memories. In college I went on a road trip with my friends to a beach house and it was such a great week-long getaway. The car ride that led us to a beautiful destination was definitely a memorable experience.

Travelling isn’t always a memorable experience. Sometimes there can be terrible moments in places you never want to visit again. To avoid this from happening, lots of research is always needed before embarking on a vacation! Researching prices when you’re looking for a travel destination can be stressful, so personally I would rather know all of the good and the bad before booking a vacation.

My ultimate favorite vacation was when I spent a month in Paris. The food, people, culture and everything in between was absolutely amazing. There are cute cafes on every corner, bakery’s that you can smell on every street, and museums that showcase Parisian culture. If I could pick one city to escape to whenever I need a vacation, it would be Paris.

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One site in particular that I have found to be helpful in discovering the best vacation spots is Inspire Holidays. Inspire Holidays is a website that organizes vacation spots on months, destination, weather, and price. Inspire Holidays will help you find the best destination, at the best time of year, with the best weather- sun or snow! The mission of Inspire Holidays is to inspire everybody to travel to breathtaking destinations. Right on their homepage, Inspire Holidays says “Our mission is to inspire holidays and to inspire travel. We would like to give you the information needed to find your perfect destination for your next holidays and trips.” The author of the site, David, posts about his favorite vacation spots as well as taking input from the community- what’s a good vacation story if you can’t share it with other world travelers?

If you’ve visited an amazing spot and want to see it featured on the site for others to experience, you can send them a message!

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