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on April 26, 2016

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, then you probably saw that within the past week I have become a published writer! I have taken on two new writing roles, along with my blog, and my real jobs. I am now a contributing writer for Elite Daily, as well as a contributing writer for a new site,Β Existgreat.

I have always been interested in writing which is part of the reasons why I started a blog. Though, I never thought I would be a freelance writer who writes for one of the best Millennial news sites (Elite Daily).

Elite Daily Article

My first article for Elite Daily is called Why a Sagittarius Should Date a Taurus, Even If It Isn’t Written In The Stars.Β I wrote this article because obviously I am a Sagittarius, and my boyfriend is a Taurus which is considered to be highly incompatible, but I think we’re perfect for one another; though I think I’m a little biased.

As a contributing writer for Elite Daily, I will be writing mostly about lifestyle and relationships. If you want to keep up with my writing you can follow me, here!

Existgreat is a new online news source that I have been writing for for a month or so. The website just launched mid-April and it’s already pretty successful! My first article was about dating, and it’s called 5 Alternatives to Netflix and Chill.Β If you want to keep up with my writing on Existgreat, check out my profileΒ hereexistgreat

I am beyond excited that I have gotten the opportunity get my writing published and I am looking forward to where this journey takes me. I hope you’ll follow along, too!

Emily Riane

  • Congrats on becoming a published writer, and your new writing roles! So very exciting, and I can’t wait to see more of your work! I’d love you to share some of your style posts on my weekend wear link up. It was so fun meeting you last night!

    • Thank you so much, Rachael! It as great to meet you as well! Unfortunately, I didn’t do any style posts this weekend, but I’m definitely going to check out the blogs in the link up! Next time you have a link up, let me know and I’d love to participate πŸ™‚

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